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Organizations give groups of concerned citizens, nonprofits, or redistricting commissions the tools to create their own community on DistrictBuilder and engage the public in the redistricting process.

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Completely Custom Redistricting

Organizations provide a customized way to engage the public with redistricting: your own logo, text, data, templates, and featured maps.

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Templates ensure that users start mapping with the correct settings for your organization: the right data, population deviation, and overlays. Templates can be set up for existing districts, blank maps to start from scratch, or to draw community of interest maps.

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Organization pages enable redistricting at every level: cities, counties, school boards, and special districts. We supply official Census data at the Block and Blockgroup level. Other aggregations are possible with your Organization’s official data.

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We provide managed hosting for your Organization, which includes feature enhancements, security patches, and scaling of cloud infrastructure so you never need to worry about database storage. In addition, unlimited users can join your organization.

Publicly feature awesome maps

Feature your community or commission’s best maps with our Featured Maps section. They can serve as a showcase for a public competition, highlight maps by special interest groups, or display official proposed maps. Featured maps are selected by the Organization administrator, giving them control over how to best curate maps.

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Case Study Get the public involved with DistrictBuilder Organizations

The Dane County Redistricting Commission (Dane County, Wisconsin) used DistrictBuilder Organizations to collect and analyze public map submissions for redistricting of their county supervisory districts. Dane County collected dozens of map submission from the general public, who were able to draw maps using official Census data for county wards. Additionally, they showcased the eight proposed maps drawn by members of the commission. All the maps are grouped on one page so the public can view and analyze the different options.

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Kind words What the redistricting community is saying

Over 6,000 people, ranging in age from 13 through 70, used DistrictBuilder to draw their own congressional districts for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our mappers loved the experience of using DistrictBuilder and the visualizations it creates.
Justin Villere
Managing Director at Draw the Lines PA
I can't wait to see this tool become more fleshed out, it already has such great potential and I was having a LOT of fun with the tiny block groups. Keep up the great work!

Organizations are using DistrictBuilder to engage the public in redistricting

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