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DistrictBuilder puts the power of drawing electoral maps in the hands of the people. Redistricting can be a transparent process that represents communities fairly and prevents gerrymandering.

DistrictBuilder is a free and open source redistricting tool.

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Accurate down to the block

DistrictBuilder’s software gives you access to the same block-level data used in legal redistricting plans — for free. Come to the table with electoral maps that better reflect local communities and lead to fair representation.

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Build beautiful maps

Rapidly draw visually engaging and informative maps in our modern interface.

Analyze your map

Evaluate population demographics and analyze with commmon redistricting metrics.

Engage your audience

Easily export your custom map and share in an article, on social media, or anywhere online.

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Build your community with Organization Pages

Organizations give groups of concerned citizens, nonprofits, or redistricting commissions the tools to create their own community on DistrictBuilder and engage the public in the redistricting process. It’s a place to map collaboratively, highlight the group’s goals, showcase maps that the community has created, or display official proposed maps.

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Delve deeper Redistricting resources and information

Explore questions of proportionality, competitiveness, contiguity, and more, as new legal decisions, public oversight, and technology change the criteria for drawing electoral districts.

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Build the map that demands fair representation

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